Form is the outline and structure of a thing
Curated by Virginia Arce and Ian Meares
Jan 10, 2015 to Feb 07, 2015
Saturday, January 10, 2015 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Carly Steward, Page 84, 2014, inkjet print, courtesy of the artist

As part of The University Art Gallery’s (UAG) winter programming, the gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition featuring clay sculptural works by Kristin Morgin, photographic works by Carly Steward, and transparency and lightbox constructions by Deanna Erdman. Form refers to the outline and structure of a thing. The artists in this exhibition represent a diversity of approaches to working with everyday imagery, print media and objects. In viewing these three bodies of work, we wonder about ocular disruption, which is to say, how form in these works opens the optical to the tactile and makes other striking conceptual moves.


Kristen Morgan’s sculptures mimetically re-fashion found relics. Carly Steward’s photo collages re-examine photography and sculpture in reproductions, creating new image-forms from illusion and absence. Deanna Erdmann’s works bring flattened images culled from news sources into the third dimension, distilling and magnifying individual layers of information. In each instance, the foci and subjects of perception shift through observations registered by the works as compared to their sources.

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