University Art Gallery Internship

The UAG Internship will mentor students individually on museum and gallery methods including how to inventory artworks, proper storage and handling, condition reporting and documentation of various types of artworks and ephemera. Students will learn industry standard for storing, cataloging and researching artworks across various mediums. Using the CTSA Art Department's Collection and UAG Archive as a lab, this hands-on course will teach students invaluable knowledge for pursuing museum and gallery careers in the arts.

The undergraduate internship is intended for highly motivated students who wish to gain professional level experience in an art institution setting. Under faculty supervision, students participate directly in a variety of art institution settings, including museums, galleries, and non-profit organizations.

To have the internship count for course credit, the student must complete this form, have it signed by the faculty member who will supervise your work, and submit it to the Art department office for the Chair’s approval. This must be done no later than the second week of classes during the quarter in which you wish to receive credit. This is in addition to adding the class in the Registrar’s office.

Note: 197 Art Internship can be taken Pass/No Pass only. Credits will not satisfy any of the studio art degree requirements.
Prerequisites: Applicant must be junior standing and must have the consent of the instructor and the department chair. May be taken for credit twice.


Please contact gallery@uci.edu for more information.