CTSA Launches Retail!

In honor of our August Alumni Appreciation Month, UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts is introducing our new e-shop!

Step into a world of artistic expression and style with our carefully curated collection of apparel and branded items. Embrace your passion for the arts and proudly showcase your affiliation with UCI's creative engine and your fellow Anteaters – or, as we fondly call ourselves, ARTeaters!

Our e-shop offers a diverse array of products that seamlessly blend artistry and fashion. Whether you're a student, an alumnus, or simply an art enthusiast, our e-shop provides a unique opportunity to wear your love for the arts on your sleeve. Support the arts at UCI by exploring our exceptional selection today!

Flat shipping – the same rate for 1 item or 100 – order more and save! Proceeds go back to support production and exhibition marketing for CTSA and to help curate a more comprehensive selection of future retail items.

Visit the shop website powered by Gorilla Marketing at https://ucictsa.orderpromos.com/


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Aug 03, 2023