35 Years After Fashion Moda, a Bronx Gallery Revisits the Landmark Space

by Tiernan Morgan on August 6, 2015 1978. Weary of the Soho art scene, artist Stefan Eins decided to open a new art space in the South Bronx. The space was named Fashion Moda (1978–1993), an abbreviation of the full name painted above its entrance: Fashion 时装 Moda МОДА — the word “fashion” rendered in English, Mandarin, Spanish, and Russian. The venue, which was praised for responding to the interests of the local community, was instrumental in providing a platform for both Downtown artists and the burgeoning hip-hop and graffiti movements.
Wall Works gallery in the Bronx Fashion Moda’s first exhibition of graffiti art was curated by artist John Matos (aka Crash) in October 1980. Entitled Graffiti Art Success for America (GAS), the show included work by artists such as Futura, Lady Pink, and John Fekner. Fashion Moda: 35 Years Later, an exhibition of works by artists associated with the space, is currently on display at Wall Works, a one-year-old gallery co-founded by Matos and managed by his daughter, Anna... Click on the link to read the entire story.
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Aug 02, 2015