• Voids: A Solo Exhibition by Juan Meneses
    Voids: A Solo Exhibition by Juan Meneses
Voids: A Solo Exhibition by Juan Meneses

Economies rise and fall. There are always people affected by these changes. The brunt of the force is felt by those closer to the bottom. As the economy rises so do physical and social structures. Boundaries and barriers are built to keep a status quo. Yet when the economy falls the boundaries and barriers stay in place, they become more pronounced. Walls become safety zones where one does not have to see the reality outside of them; these realities are sites. Each barrier creates a greater separation. Separations lead to mental voids, out of sight out of mind. Structures create voids, as one cannot see through them. One must go around them to see what is on the other side. Reality of these sites is that people are forced to inhabit them. They are ignored sites, voids. Pushing poverty further down the social ladder and further into the abject. But theses site are just realities of the world. Abject to those that created them not the ones that inhabit them. These voids appear to be signifiers of the past, trapped and unable to keep up with times. But are these voids a future we are too afraid to acknowledge.

A Solo Exhibition by Juan Meneses
Exhibition Dates: 
Apr 04, 2015 to Apr 18, 2015
Saturday, April 4, 2015 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm