Suspended Projection

Image, Suspended Projection, D'Ette Nogle

Installation detail, Suspended Projection, D'Ette Nogle

Continuing its Emerging Artist Series, Room Gallery presents Suspended Projection, a multi-media installation by D´Ette Nogle.  Beginning with its title, the project reflects upon the literal use of a suspended video projection as well as the psychoanalytic notion of a melancholic projection onto the past.  Informed by the legacies of Conceptualism and Feminism, Nogle’s projects produce complex juxtapositions.  For Suspended Projection, she presents video illustrating what she - the artist - “was-going-to-do” during several years of non-production.  What viewers consequently encounter are the fits and starts of partial and/or altered photographic, sculptural, painted and printed realizations of past intimations.  Building upon Rosalind Krauss’s assertion that the medium of video art is inherently narcissistic, and that video work may present the artist as cut off from history, Nogle is suspended in a past-progressive state of lack, estranged from her own imagined history of unrealized works.  The viewer, in turn, moves through the intimate space of Suspended Projection, provoked to consider his or her own engagement with personal history and memory.  | Reviews

A solo project by D'Ette Nogle
Jesse Benson
Becky Koblick
Exhibition Dates: 
Oct 01, 2009 to Nov 21, 2009
Thursday, October 1, 2009 - 6:00am to 9:00am