Sight of Place: Landscape In Experimental Film and Video

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    Image, Sight of Place: Landscape In Experimental Film and Video, Video still
Brian Bress, Creative Ideas for Every Season, Photo courtesy of Brian Bress and Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles

Images of landscapes in film and video never truly seem to represent the wilderness that they portray.  Sometimes the landscape is a pause in the narrative - a moment of reflection or a meditation on what is not overtly part of the "story."  There are other instances when landscape, or an image of the natural world, functions as an allegory or metaphor not really intended to replace meaning, but to relay an understanding to the viewer (or to the character in proxy of the viewer).  However, it seems that in all cases the role of landscape in experimental and traditional film has functioned as a means to reflect what we are not: we are not the wild, we are not free from context, and we are not always part of the landscape on screen.  Consequently, the camera and artist/director is placed in control of this temporal construction of reality. 

Artists include: James Benning, Stan Brakhage, Brian Bress, Peter Greenaway, Julie Orser, Semiconductor, Michael Snow, and Andy Warhol.


David Burns
Exhibition Dates: 
Oct 05, 2011 to Dec 04, 2011
Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm