• Scab(s): An Undergraduate Solo Project by Kat Hamrock
    Scab(s): An Undergraduate Solo Project by Kat Hamrock

In conjunction with the tenth annual juried undergraduate group exhibition UAG presents the annual undergraduate solo project by Kat Hamrock.


Scab(s) is an exhibition comprised of two parts: Blueprint and An Ode To.


Blueprint reveals itself through reflective tape that has been placed into each of the corners of the Room Gallery. The tape forms an invisible line drawing, which reiterates the original architectural structure of the institutional space.


By using tape, the walls of the institution bond in a way that creates a co-dependent cycle between the artist and the institution.  Without the artist (acting as the adhesive), the walls of the institution wouldn’t be able to stand on their own. And without the institution, the artist’s work would lose context and meaning.


This pattern of building up and tearing down is reflective of a structure’s architecture and means of function.


An Ode To is made of several large wall works created from the remnants of painting materials applied to a removed substrate.


By generating residue that builds on the surface of the gallery’s interior walls, the gap between the wall and the work disappears. The work cannot live without the wall, because it is the wall.  An Ode To is symbolic of the fresh skin under layer in missing a newly separated scab.

An Undergraduate Solo Project by Kat Hamrock
Exhibition Dates: 
Apr 03, 2014 to Apr 20, 2014
Thursday, April 3, 2014 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm