Life Worth Living

Life Worth Living

This series, comprised of twelve chapters documenting contemporary projects produced for 2021, imagines the curative power that aesthetic and discursive pharmakons might have in our global crisis. Curated by Juli Carson in collaboration with the University Art Galleries at UC Irvine, the series will be updated periodically as new chapters come on line.

Chapter 1: Ethics of Estrangement

Chapter 2: The Messiah Triangle

Chapter 3: Revolution Everywhere

Chapter 4: This Haunting Memory That Is Not My Own

Chapter 5: Filmic Pre-enactment in the Geopolitical Field

Heather M. O’Brien
Michael Moshe Dahan
Panos Aprahamian
Heather M. O’Brien
Simon Liu
Yael Bartana
Juli Carson
Contemporary Arts Center Gallery
Room Gallery
University Art Gallery
Exhibition Dates: 
Apr 01, 2021 to Nov 30, 2022