Chop Shop

Image, Stephanie Taylor, Chop Shop

Stephanie Taylor, Chop Shop, 2006, installation detail

Room Gallery continues its Emerging Artist Series with Stephanie Taylor's Chop Shop.  A "site-specific" installation of sculpture, photography, and song, Chop Shop presents objects, images, and sounds derived from a rhyme schema based on the word "Room."  Conceived in a Surrealist vein, the "rhyming" objects are at once bizarre and compelling.  Lyrical connections, between such disparate activities as car theft and art theft, evoke questions concerning the relationship between politics and aesthetics within the legacy of site-specific art practice.  Curated by Juli Carson, the exhibition is accompanied by a brochure and interview.  Chop Shop travels to Galerie Nagel in Berlin this year.

A Solo Project by Stephanie Taylor
Juli Carson
Exhibition Dates: 
Jan 19, 2006 to Feb 10, 2006