Between the Blinds

Image, Between the Blinds, Kelly Barrie

Kelly Barrie, Tree of Tenere, 2008, (detail) digital c-print, courtesy of the artist

Room Gallery continues its Emerging Artist Series with Between the Blinds, a photo installation by Kelly Barrie.  As the artist explains: “The piece began with a chance event, both profound and humorous.  I came across a photograph of The Lonely Tree of Ténéré, a thorny acacia standing alone in the vast, hostile expanse of the Sahara Desert.  I discovered that in 1973 this tree met an improbable end when a Libyan truck driver (allegedly drunk) drove into it even though there were no other trees within 250 miles.  The tree perished from the collision.”Between the Blinds reconstructs this image, poetically evoking the space between 1973 and 2008, Africa and the US, photography and painting.  In so doing, the reconstructed image challenges us to ponder the relation between historical memory, regional politics, and aesthetic practice today. 

Room Gallery is proud to be an off-site venue for OCMA's 2008 California Biennial.

Lighting provided by Wendelighting, specializing in the illumination of fine art using optical projectors that bathe art with light. Wendelighting is renowned for highlighting fine art and sculpture by shaping light to the exact contour of the object with a concealed, even illumination.

A solo project by Kelly Barrie
Juli Carson
Exhibition Dates: 
Oct 02, 2008 to Nov 22, 2008
Thursday, October 2, 2008 - 6:00am to 9:00am