always keep footprints between you and the sun

The University Art Gallery is pleased to present the 12th Annual Juried Undergraduate Exhibition.


When you track, you pick up a string. At the far end of the string a being is moving, existing, and still connected to the track you gaze on – the movement that’s still contained in the track - along with the smallest of details that helps you become the very prey you track.


No form alone defines tracking.  Its means can either be analog or digital, realistic or abstract, while its ends are equally unfixed.  On any given day, it is used by cyber agents to keep tabs on persons of interests; forlorn lovers to reunite with a long lost betrothed; or even artists and writers as they attempt to trace their existence from one canvas or page to another.  As such, tracking is never a universal concept. Rather, it’s endlessly quotidian in its meaning, springing simultaneously from the tracker’s intention and its historical use.  Since both – the tracker’s individual desire and tracking’s larger social means – are symbiotic, we are thus compelled to ponder the larger philosophical conundrum: In the game of pursuit, why is it often not clear just who is the predator and who is the prey?  Are we not, in fact, equally played by the very games we purport to master?  In always keep footprints between you and the sun, an interdisciplinary group of artists explore this conundrum to its most poetic, political and conceptual ends.


List of Artists:

Melissa Banuelos
Jasmine Dillon
Taylor Drake
Eunice Edigin
Micah Espudo
Tu Nguyen
Eunji Russ
Sabrina Sharifi
Freddy Villalobos

Curated by Juli Carson and Daniel Joseph Martinez
Exhibition Dates: 
Mar 31, 2016 to Apr 15, 2016
Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 6:00pm