Adorno Likes Gray

Adorno Likes Gray: 10th Annual Guest Juried Undergraduate Exhibition

In Negative Dialectics, Adorno claims that “grayness could not fill us with despair if our minds did not harbor the concept of different colors, scattered traces of which are not absent from the negative whole.  The traces always come from the past.”  Enter the tenth annual juried undergraduate exhibition, Adorno Likes Gray.  The exhibited artworks offer different libidinal traces of the past across the fields of art and politics – a matrix of lotteries, torture, grids, queerness, formlessness, psychopathology, abstraction, suicide, genocide and transcendentalism – the different colors of the negative whole called critical aesthetics.  Curated by Juli Carson and Daniel Joseph Martinez, the exhibition features artwork by Steven C. Crane, Katelyn Dorroh, Maria Guerrero-Solórzano, Garrett Hallman, Allie Ihm, Lana Linet, John Le Nguyen, Suzana Poghosyan, Mahya Shamai, and Jason Michael Stepina. 

10th Annual Guest Juried Undergraduate Exhibition, Curated by Juli Carson and Daniel Joseph Martinez
Exhibition Dates: 
Apr 03, 2014 to Apr 20, 2014
Thursday, April 3, 2014 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm