Mary Kelly’s Concentric Pedagogy: Selected Writings

Editor: Juli Carson
New Encounters Series Editor: Griselda Pollock

January 2024

This book documents and illuminates an evolved practice at a point of tension where a method, itself rooted in one historical, revolutionary moment ca. 1968, addresses transmission and transformation over the radical ruptures and unforeseen conditions of a new century. Mary Kelly’s project is both a creative intervention in the analysis of the studio as site of practice and transmission and an art historically significant intervention in the field of contemporary art practice as it has been inflected by major theoretical and political urgencies…Juli Carson has worked with the artist Mary Kelly to assemble documents, articles, teaching materials and artists’ portfolios along with the record of a historic participatory on-line event, all of which radically expands the interface of practice, thought, transmission and theoretical intervention. This unique volume is at once an archive of Mary Kelly’s pedagogy in studio practice at a historic moment of the interaction of feminism and post-conceptual art making, and an intellectual portrait of one historic pedagogical undertaking in art education, Mary Kelly’s "concentric pedagogy."

Griselda Pollock, art historian and cultural analyst of international, postcolonial feminist studies in visual arts and visual culture

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