Faiya Fredman: Akroteri Series

Edited by Faiya Fredman and Melinda Wortz
Additional Authors Gerry McAllister and Katherine Diage
Published by La Jolla: Mandeville Art Gallery, University of California, San Diego © 1984


A major theme in Faiya Fredman’s work is elucidated in her Akroteri Series: the idea of concealment and disclosure, “the timelessness created when the overlay of time preserves what it covers."  The mixed media images imitate the layers of time unearthed in the excavation at Thera (Santorini) which sparked this project.  Fredman's images are multi-layered, reminiscent of the earth at the excavation site: “photographic image[s] overlaid with pigment, earth, and sculptural elements."  Curated by Gerry McAllister.

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