Abstraction in Los Angeles 1950-1980: Selections from the Murray and Ruth Griben Collection

Edited by Jean-Luc Bordeaux and Claudette Brown
Published by California State University, Fine Arts Gallery © 1981


The exhibit Abstraction in Los Angeles consists of seventy abstract works from the Los Angeles area.  The exhibit brings to attention the prominence of abstract art and highlights its diversity as well as its ability to evoke a multiplicity of experiences.  The works have been taken from the collection of Murray and Ruth Gribin.  Artwork displayed in this exhibit include the works of John Baldessari, John Miller, Helen Pashgian, and Ed Ruscha.  Curated by Jean-Luc Bordeaux.


This catalogue is the second of a two volume series. The catalogue is composed of works from eight different institutions including the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, University of California, Irvine, Mount St. Mary's College, California State


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