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Towards a Libidinal Aesthetics Film Series
Thursdays at 7pm, CAC 3201
Oct 08, 2015 to Dec 03, 2015

Film Series: Towards a Libidinal Aesthetics

A weekly film-series, Towards a Libidinal Aesthetics, will accompany the exhibition following late gallery hours on Thursday evenings.  The series will showcase long-form, mainstream and alternative cinema, and will include original 16mm prints of Michael Snow’s Wavelength (1967) as well as Hollis Frampton’s (nostalgia) (1973). Exhibition page here.


Series Schedule:


Oct 8              

Snowpiercer, 2013                       

Directed by Joon-ho Bong


Oct 15              



A Performative Trigger: Radicals of Irvine
Curated by Juli Carson and Marilyn Nix
Oct 03, 2015 to Dec 12, 2015

The University Art Gallery (UAG) at UC Irvine’s Claire Trevor School of the Arts will unveil A Performative Trigger: Radicals of Irvine. The group exhibition focuses on luminary artists Chris Burden, Nancy Buchanan, Richard Newton, Alexis Smith, Barbara T. Smith, Bradley Smith, and Paula Sweet when they were making radical art as students at UCI. 


In 1971, as a part UCI’s first graduating MFA class, Chris Burden became internationally famous for his physically intense, often-dangerous performances of endurance. The quintessential work of this period was Shoot, a performance in which Burden had himself shot in the arm at the student-run F-Space Gallery in Santa Ana.  A second performance of the same legendary vein entitled Five Day Locker Piece...


Libidinal Economies: Art in the Age of Bull Markets
Curated by Juli Carson and Michael Moshe Dahan
Oct 03, 2015 to Dec 12, 2015

Libidinal Economies: Art in the Age of Bull Markets 
takes as its economic mise-en-scène 
the bull run market of 1982 (that
 crashed in 1987), tracing its origins in monetary policies of the 1970’s, and mapping its echoes in the recent redux of
 this bull run from 2009 to the present. 
 The New York Stock Exchange (where
 the selling and buying of securities, currency and commodities takes place)
 and the art world (where the critique of
 Wall Street culture is derived and
 scripted) presumably constitute two 
distinct psychic and fiscal economies
 located in two different physical locations. The former is supposed to be rational, mathematical and regulated, the latter libidinal, creative and subversive. However, that isn’t true. The art world, in fact, has proven to be the boh...


MIXTAPE: Goodbye street, Goodbye home by Shagha Ariannia
Curated by Allyson Unzicker
Oct 03, 2015 to Dec 12, 2015

MIXTAPE: Goodbye street, Goodbye home

The rise of audio cassettes peaked in the 1980s, yet the relevance of mix tapes is still recognized today as a way of compiling songs, ideas and thoughts around a particular theme. Alternatively, the influence of pop culture and cassette tapes were popularized during the 1979 Iranian Revolution in which cassettes were used to spread sermons by Khomeini to a public, some of whom were illiterate. In this context, the cassette became a catalyst for social change – a mobilizing device for subversive speech. The role of songs and sermons were strongly affected by a nationalism that spread like wildfire in resistance to Westernization. This religious revolt led directly into the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988), a war with no ma...


A Solo Exhibition by Juan Meneses
Apr 04, 2015 to Apr 18, 2015
Voids: A Solo Exhibition by Juan Meneses

Economies rise and fall. There are always people affected by these changes. The brunt of the force is felt by those closer to the bottom. As the economy rises so do physical and social structures. Boundaries and barriers are built to keep a status quo. Yet when the economy falls the boundaries and barriers stay in place, they become more pronounced. Walls become safety zones where one does not have to see the reality outside of them; these realities are sites. Each barrier creates a greater separation. Separations lead to mental voids, out of sight out of mind. Structures create voids, as one cannot see through them. One must go around them to see what is on the other side. Reality of these sites is that people are forced to inhabit them. They are ignored sites, voids. Pushing poverty f...


In Search of the Present
11th Annual Guest Juried Undergraduate Exhibition, Curated by Juli Carson and Daniel Joseph Martinez
Apr 04, 2015 to Apr 18, 2015
In Search of the Present: 11th Annual Guest Juried Undergraduate Exhibition, Curated by Juli Carson and Daniel Joseph Martinez

In search of the present, one hovers in the chasm between two negations: the past and the future. The implication of this temporal paradox is more than just a philosophical proposition.  It is political and it is libidinal, positioning us within the endlessly evasive nature of language, where our desire is simultaneously validated and negated.
As Octavio Paz put it in his acceptance of the Nobel Prize: 

"Languages are born and grow from the native soil, nourished by a common history. The European languages were rooted out from their native soil and their own tradition, and then planted in an unknown and unnamed world: they took root in the new lands and, as they grew within the societies of America, they were transformed. They are the same plant yet also a differen...


Curated by Rhea Anastas
Jan 10, 2015 to Mar 20, 2015
K8 Hardy, Beautiful Radiating Energy, 2004. Performance still.

In the live work Beautiful Radiating Energy (2004), K8 Hardy performs and shouts, her exercising body cross-cutting a video collage. In New Cuts, this performance is experienced in video and in other creatively-inflected documents and paired with New Report: Morning Edition (2005). New Report: Morning Edition is a real report on objectification by the camera and language of Hardy's with a collaborator, Wynne Greenwood. New Cuts is an exhibition of performative activity by Hardy and an exhibition about the viewer's viewing. For Hardy, a videomaker and zine producer, this period in New York from 2002 forward was marked by intensity: Hardy both developed her embodied work in live performance and experimented with the nonsovereign space of coproducing wit...


Form is the outline and structure of a thing
Curated by Virginia Arce and Ian Meares
Jan 10, 2015 to Feb 07, 2015
Carly Steward, Page 84, 2014, inkjet print, courtesy of the artist

As part of The University Art Gallery’s (UAG) winter programming, the gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition featuring clay sculptural works by Kristin Morgin, photographic works by Carly Steward, and transparency and lightbox constructions by Deanna Erdman. Form refers to the outline and structure of a thing. The artists in this exhibition represent a diversity of approaches to working with everyday imagery, print media and objects. In viewing these three bodies of work, we wonder about ocular disruption, which is to say, how form in these works opens the optical to the tactile and makes other striking conceptual moves.


Kristen Morgan’s sculptures mimetically re-fashion found relics. Carly Steward’s photo collages re-examine photography and sculpture in repro...


Paradox in Language: What I look at is never what I wish to see
Curated by Allyson Unzicker
Jan 10, 2015 to Feb 07, 2015
Benjamin Verhoeven, Somebody was trying to kill somebody else, 2014, Stop-motion video from scanned images, 6:25 min., courtesy of the artist

The University Art Gallery is pleased to present Paradox in Language: What I look at is never what I wish to see, a group exhibition featuring the work of Charles Gaines, Benjamin Verhoeven and Erika Vogt. This exhibition investigates the influences of various strains of conceptual thought that began to take form in 1966 when the writings of Jacques Lacan and Roland Barthes became increasingly important to the study of linguistic systems. It was also the year Michelangelo Antononio’s film Blow-Up was released, which actively displayed the semiotic interpretation of an image. The three artists form a constellation of varying practices that consider the aesthetic strategies of both Conceptualism and Structuralism. In viewing these works together, representation and non-r...