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Freudemocracy: 2008-1968
A project by Juli Carson and RJ Ward
Nov 17, 2008 to Nov 26, 2008
Image, Freudemocracy, Juli Carson, RJ Ward

Television and cinema do not record moments of reality but simply moments in the dialectical process.  Areas/eras of contradiction that have to be examined in the light of class struggle.  - Jean-Luc Godard

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the French General Strike, known simply as “May 1968,” the UAG presents Freudemocracy: 2008-1968. A montage by Juli Carson and RJ Ward, this project features a selection of Jean-Luc Godard’s films, produced from 1966-1972, which changed the face of revolutionary cinema. Through Godard’s camera-eye, we revisit the hope of ‘68 arriving, the moment of its impact, and the melancholy of its aftermath. As was his signature, the subjects of politics, aesthetics and love delicately are held in balance. 




Between the Blinds
A solo project by Kelly Barrie, curated by Juli Carson
Oct 02, 2008 to Nov 22, 2008
Image, Between the Blinds, Kelly Barrie

Room Gallery continues its Emerging Artist Series with Between the Blinds, a photo installation by Kelly Barrie.  As the artist explains: “The piece began with a chance event, both profound and humorous.  I came across a photograph of The Lonely Tree of Ténéré, a thorny acacia standing alone in the vast, hostile expanse of the Sahara Desert.  I discovered that in 1973 this tree met an improbable end when a Libyan truck driver (allegedly drunk) drove into it even though there were no other trees within 250 miles.  The tree perished from the collision.”Between the Blinds reconstructs this image, poetically evoking the space between 1973 and 2008, Africa and the US, photography and painting.  In so doing, the reconstructed image challenges us to ponder the relati...


transPOP: Korea Vietnam Remix
Curated by Viet Le and Yong Soon Min
Oct 02, 2008 to Nov 08, 2008
Image, transPOP: Korea Vietnam Remix, Installation Detail

transPOP: Korea Vietnam Remix introduces a dynamic mix of sixteen critically acclaimed artists from Korea, Vietnam, and the United States, signaling an unprecedented engagement with the rich historic and contemporary linkages between Korea and Vietnam.  The featured artworks variously engage interconnections between the two countries, including the intersections of history, trauma, and contemporary popular culture.  The interactions between Vietnam and Korea span centuries but the exhibition focus lies in their shared history of a highly accelerated modernization process with militarized roots and the Cold War. 


transPOP Curatorial Statement and Related Programming


transPOP: Korea Vietnam Remix introduces a dynamic mix of sixteen critically accla...


Live Like Him!
A solo project by Molly Corey, curated by Juli Carson
Jan 10, 2008 to Feb 09, 2008
installation view of Live Like Him

Room Gallery continues its Emerging Artist Series with Live Like Him! a video installation by Molly Corey.  The installation centers around a poignant audio monologue of a man recalling the moment he fell in love with a member of the Weather Underground, the radical Leftist organization, to whom he offered sanctuary in 1969.  This tale of love, loss and revolutionary politics is juxtaposed with sweeping filmic images of the carved faces of the revolutionary figures that line the "Great Western Staircase" of New York's capital building, where the two men met for the last time.  At once lyrical and biting, Corey's project continues Roland Barthes' thesis that love indeed can be a "medium of critique" in politically turbulent times. 


Steven Criqui (1964-2007): A Retrospective / Memorial
Steven Criqui
Jan 10, 2008 to Feb 09, 2008
Image, Steven Criqui (1964-2007): A Retrospective / Memorial, Installation Detail

Steven Criqui (1964-2007), lecturer in the Studio Arts department from 1995-2006, will be remembered in a survey exhibition at the University Art Gallery from January 10th thru February 9th, 2008.  The exhibition will span over 20 years of Criqui's practice from early whimsical biomorphic abstractions through his innovative fusion of digital media and painting.  His final body of work, which realizes his vision in its most seamless form, will be exhibited here for the first time. 


A Just Noticeable Difference
A solo project by Kenny Berger, curated by Juli Carson
Jan 08, 2008 to Feb 07, 2008
Image, Kenny Berger, A Just Noticeable Difference

Room Gallery continues its Emerging Artist Series with A Just Noticeable Difference, a video installation by Kenny Berger.  The work’s title comes from the 19th century psychologist Gustav Fechner, whose experiments addressed the minimum change in sensory input that a person could detect.  Berger’s video installations have long been concerned with the limits of sensorial perception in art, influenced by the work and writings of Robert Morris.  Departing from classic Minimalism, however, Berger’s installations incorporate film and narrative in order to address a given historical event.  In this case, it is the uncanny arrest and conviction of the artist’s childhood neighbor, Lenny Berg, a securities broker who was caught running guns to Poland in 1984.  Perceived by the...


The Surfing Memory Syndrome
A solo project by Steve Fagin, curated by Juli Carson
Jan 08, 2008 to Feb 07, 2008
Image, Steve Fagin, The Surfing Memory Syndrome

UAG continues its Major Work of Art Series with Steve Fagin’s The Surfing Memory Syndrome.  This multi-media installation features Fagin’s 2003 film Oliver Kahn, named after the famous soccer player from Bayern Munich. The film is not a biography of the player but rather a montage of famous moments in European soccer that Fagin alternately watches, reenacts and comments upon.  Neither is the film an homage to soccer.  Rather, Oliver Kahn is a dizzying detour into the question of memory – how it is constructed and/or reconstructed.  In the film Fagin ponders the strange act of watching “old fart” soccer matches from the 70s.  “As an American I have no childhood memories of soccer,” he explains.  “Can you be a true supporter without memories of ecstatic...