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The Pursuit of Silence
A Film Series by Adrià Julià
Nov 13, 2007 to Nov 21, 2007
Image, The Pursuit of Silence, Video Still

UCI's Room Gallery continues its film screening series with The Pursuit of Silence, curated by Adrià Julià.  The ad hoc film series starts with Elie Wiesel's assertion that silence has its own bone structure, its own labyrinths and its own contradictions - the assassin's silence being neither the victim's nor the spectator's.  In all 14 films, silence plays a leading role.  Each director introduces the artificial presence or absence of silence to reveal an emotional structure and authority of cinema. 


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Juha – Aki Karusmaki (1999)
Blackmail – Alfred Hitchcock (1929)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pushpak – Srinivasa Rao Singeetham (1988)
A Nous la Liberté – Ren...


Circa 1968
A solo project by Mary Kelly, curated by Juli Carson
Oct 04, 2007 to Nov 17, 2007
Image, Circa 1968, Mary Kelly

The University Art Gallery at UC Irvine launches its Major Work of Art Series with the California premiere of Mary Kelly's famed Circa 1968, originally shown in the Whitney Biennial of 2004.  Circa 1968 employs appropriated imagery from the May 68 demonstrations in Paris to question memory and history and the related concept of truth.  Biennial curator Debra Singer describes the work: "Made of lint generated from doing thousands of pounds of laundry, Circa 1968 plays off of different associations among the photographic, the painterly, and the cinematic image."  Mary Kelly is a world-renowned artist, living in Los Angeles.  She currently has a retrospective at Documenta 12 in Kassel, Germany. 


Reduced to Insults
A solo project by Cristóbal Lehyt, curated by Juli Carson
Oct 04, 2007 to Nov 03, 2007
Image, Reduced to Insults, Cristóbal Lehyt

Room Gallery continues its Emerging Artist Series with Chilean artist Cristóbal Lehyt's installation piece Reduced to Insults.  This multi-media exhibition posits the concept of fatalism (or defeatism) as a strategic mode of resistance within the global geo-political sphere.  Employing drawing, video and sculpture, Lehyt's work combines political content with poetic aesthetics to comment specifically on the Southern California / Mexican border dialogue as an allegory for larger cultural issues pertaining to the "Global South." 


The Future of an Illusion
A Solo Project by Shana Lutker, curated by Juli Carson
Jan 09, 2007 to Feb 10, 2007

Room Gallery continues its Emerging Artist Series with Shana Lutker’s latest project The Future of an Illusion.  As Holland Carter of the New York Times notes, when Lutker’s sculptures, based on her dreams, are photographed and exhibited they smudge the line between "document" and "art."  The Future of an Illusion continues Lutker’s neo-surrealist interest in dream analysis in the context of contemporary art.  Named after Freud’s book of 1927, wherein religion is described as an illusion derived from human wishes, Lutker’s Future of an Illusion installation is a meditation on our current desire for (and possible impasse between) religious belief, historical agency, and critical aesthetics. 


Paradox and Practice: Architecture in the Wake of Conceptualism
Curated by Juli Carson and Nana Last
Jan 09, 2007 to Feb 10, 2007
Image, Paradox and Practice: Architecture in the Wake of Conceptualism, Installation Detail

Paradox and Practice: Architecture in the Wake of Conceptualism re-thinks the legacy of Conceptualism vis-á-vis the philosophical operation of paradox.  Specifically, the notion of "site," as it exists between art and architecture, is reconsidered.  Thinking about paradox and conceptualism is no formal exercise; it is a political imperative.  Take, for example, last year's infamous Torture Memo, drafted by Alberto Gonzalez, in which any paradoxical notion of a "state of statelessness" was denied.  Within such logic, the Geneva Convention could be dismissed as "irrelevant" to those lacking clear national status.  In this cultural context, the curators of Paradox and Practice argue the progressiveness of thinking non-dialectically as an aesthetic and political act.  This exhibiti...