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Haunted Agencies Film Series
Curated by Jason Keller
Nov 06, 2006 to Nov 17, 2006
Image, Haunted Agencies, Video Still

Patrolling is, in fact, my principle occupation. No matter how tight security, I am always somewhere outside giving orders and inside this straight jacket of jelly that gives and stretches but always reforms ahead of every moment, thought, impulse, stamped with the seal of alien inspection. --William S. Burroughs

UCI's Room Gallery continues its film screening series with Haunted Agencies, curated by Jason Keller. The ad hoc series begins with Fanon's impasse: What do we do when interrogation collapses and we are expelled into a haunted realm of agency? Modeled after Burroughs' Agent Lee, the films present the contradictory riddle of an impasse of agency that only produces more active agents. Each of the 20 films manipulates the suspense genre as an alibi that masks this...


The Look of Law
Curated by Simon Leung
Sep 28, 2006 to Oct 20, 2006
installation view, Jeff Cheng, The Look of Law

The Look of Law exhibition addresses the direct and residual effects that state power has on the psyche and how this, in turn, is manifest in the force of Law. More specifically, art works featured in the exhibition confront the subjects of surveillance; the police; the prison; the military; the border; the public sphere; the relationship between nations, corporations, and the media; the constant state of war. Artists participating in the gallery exhibition are Silvia Kolbowski, Mary Kelly, The Speculative Archive, Trevor Paglen, Jeff Cain, Claire Fontaine, Lincoln Tobier, Ashley Hunt, Julia Scher, and Susan Silton.

Organized around the premise that the exhibiting artists’ on-going projects critically engage in a dialogue around the correspondence between “aesthetic form...


Truc Trang Walls
A Solo Project by Adrià Julià, curated by Juli Carson
Sep 28, 2006 to Oct 28, 2006
Image, Adrià Julià, Truc Trang Walls

Room Gallery continues its Emerging Artist Series with Adrià Julià's latest project Truc Trang Walls.  At once lyrical and factual, Truc Trang Walls "documents" the building of a house in North Vietnam by Diep Nguyen who, for the past 25 years, has lived with his family in the outskirts of Long Beach in Southern California, not far from a neighborhood commonly referred to as Little Saigon.  In the tradition of Jean Genet, the situations that Julià constructs and presents in his film/video, photography and installation-based work, as he puts it, "are the result of observing regulated behavior, readapted and re-contextualized through performance - sometimes irrational, uncommon or even antisocial - that simultaneously evoke theatricality and truthfulness."


Chop Shop
A Solo Project by Stephanie Taylor, curated by Juli Carson
Jan 19, 2006 to Feb 10, 2006
Image, Stephanie Taylor, Chop Shop

Room Gallery continues its Emerging Artist Series with Stephanie Taylor's Chop Shop.  A "site-specific" installation of sculpture, photography, and song, Chop Shop presents objects, images, and sounds derived from a rhyme schema based on the word "Room."  Conceived in a Surrealist vein, the "rhyming" objects are at once bizarre and compelling.  Lyrical connections, between such disparate activities as car theft and art theft, evoke questions concerning the relationship between politics and aesthetics within the legacy of site-specific art practice.  Curated by Juli Carson, the exhibition is accompanied by a brochure and interview.  Chop Shop travels to Galerie Nagel in Berlin this year.