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16th Annual Juried Undergraduate Exhibition
Juried by Sarah Awad
Jan 16, 2020 to Feb 01, 2020

The University Art Gallery is pleased to present the 16th Annual Juried Undergraduate Exhibition. The exhibition showcases a selection of works by current undergraduate students at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts. Encompassing painting, sculpture, photography, video and installation, the exhibition reflects the diversity of the student population and their interdisciplinary approaches to artmaking.


The 16th Annual Juried Undergraduate Exhibition is juried by Sarah Awad.


Selected artists:

Cristina Barragan, Ashley Chang, Tony Chen, Jianyuan Ding, Diego Juarez, Kelsey Kuykendall, Crystal Ly, Nguyen Nguyen, John Novak, Renee O’Connor, Audrey Hernandez Peterson, Itzel Quintana, Gabriella Salinardo, Beverly Siu, Stella Sun Min Lee, Ryan Wang, Lily...


Katherina Olschbaur: Dirty Elements
Curated by Allyson Unzicker
Jan 11, 2020 to Mar 14, 2020

The law is not patriarchal because it denies the existence, even the power, of women...The law is patriarchal because it denies the bodies, sexualities of women. In patriarchy, there is no menstrual blood.

–Kathy Acker


The University Art Gallery is pleased to present a series of new paintings by Austrian-born, Los Angeles-based artist Katherina Olschbaur in Dirty Elements, her first solo institutional exhibition in the U.S. On view in the Contemporary Arts Center Gallery January 11th through March 14th, 2020.


Olschbaur provides a female perspective to a history of canonized male painters, whose work simultaneously inspires her. Although traces of matriarchal order in Western thought typically appear as...


"Decoration Adjustment For Inclusivity"
Curated by Farshid Bazmandegan
Jan 11, 2020 to Feb 01, 2020

"Decoration Adjustment For Inclusivity” is an exploration into the image of the American flag. As an emblem of the United States, the American flag is a strong symbol of wide ranging cultural significance. Its image acts as a signalling device, whether it is a symbol of nationalist pride, of government, or liberty and democracy. For some, the flag is used to project these values. For others, the opposite rings true. “Decoration Adjustment For Inclusivity” features interpretations and responses to the flag from a dynamic group of artists living and working in Southern California. Sculpture, community practice, and performative gestures made within the last four years explore the loaded symbolism of the flag, and reflect complex narratives of identity, multinationalism, and political expr...