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Painted Lady
Solo exhibition by Ariel McCleese
Jan 13, 2018 to Feb 10, 2018

They exist as two opposed shapes of consciousness; one is the independent consciousness whose essential nature is to be for itself, the other is the dependent consciousness whose essential nature is simply to live or to be for another. The former is lord, the other is bondsman.

G. W. F. Hegel


Painted Lady is a video and text installation that engages the Hegelian formation of lordship and bondage as a feminist site. The video establishes the lord as a pair of black-gloved hands, while the golden chrysalis occupies the role of the bondsman. The hands exert their power over the chrysalis through a violent act: one part science experiment, one part snuff film. The text that accompanies the video identifies the gloved hands as belonging to...


Do You Want to Quit? Intimacy, Site, Self
Curated by Erin Gordon
Jan 13, 2018 to Feb 10, 2018

“Your words are no longer merely what you have to say—they are your very presence, they’re what manifests you in the virtual world, and how you use them, consequently, tends to shape that world’s perceptions of you in much the same way how you look frames what the real world thinks.”

—Julian Dibbell, My Tiny Life: Crime and Passion in a Virtual World


The University Art Gallery is pleased to present recent works by Morehshin Allahyari, Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings, and Angela Washko. Their respective practices take a critical look into issues of feminist embodiment through technology, the ethics of the archive and preservation, and the Internet as a tenuous site of interaction, research, and discord. During a moment when Net Neutrality in the United S...


Matters of Time
Curated by Brianna Bakke
Jan 13, 2018 to Feb 10, 2018

Neïl Beloufa . Samara Golden . Kameelah Janan Rasheed . Fern Silva . Pascual Sisto . MICA TV . Los Angeles Contemporary Archive .


What can time heal? What can only time tell?

Matters of Time positions the group exhibition form as a locus to challenge conventional concepts of time as a linear progression. This exhibition will feature artwork that materializes the durational in a way that does not render a moment, but translates a semblance of time, an image that evokes a sensorial response activating an awareness of shifting conditions. Moments are suspended rather than depicted, moving us to consider wider contexts of before, after, and consequences.


Matters of Time presents a deeper look at the image’s capacity for developing ret...